In my twenties I came across an article on Ayurveda. The holistic nature of this medicine inspires me to this day. After my studies as a physiotherapist I went to India to see an Ayurvedic doctor for treatments. I was fascinated by his quick diagnosis of my weaknesses via my pulse and by means of a specific anamnesis, which enabled him to explain them physiologically.

I have been working in healthcare for almost 20 years. In addition to my work as an Ayurveda therapist, I accompany people as a physiotherapist in their disease process. As a physiotherapist I have worked in practices, Rehabilitation, in acute geriatrics and long-term care and I am polyvalent. Most of all, I have immersed myself in the treatment of neurological diseases. Thanks to Ayurveda, I have experienced a profound personal medicine. Ayurveda sees the human being as a whole. Through my internships and courses in India, Canada and Europe, I have seen how well modern medicine and Ayurveda complement each other.


Since my pregnancies and as a mother of 2 children, I have been able to bring many useful Ayurveda inputs into our everyday life as a family.

In my spare time I love spending time in nature. I like to cook outdoors over an open fire and like to be out in the mountains. When I find the time, I passionately climb or go on a ski or snowboard tour.


-CAS at the university of applied science Bern: specialist in lymphological physiotherapy, 2021

-Degree as Ayurveda Health Practitioner with Vaidya Hemant Gupta (MD Ayurveda, associated professor and deputy director at College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine / Fairfield) with internships in Canada and India, 2015-2017

-Since 2018 in an equivalency procedure to become a Swiss certified naturopath in Ayurvedic medicine at the Naturopathic School Lucerne.

-2008 weekend about the practice and theory of yoga according to Sri T. Kishnamacharya, Rehabilitation Center Leukerbad

-2006 Basic course in yoga (1 month) at the Agama School in India

– Introductory course in Mindful based Stress reduction, Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn

In physiotherapy I have trained in various areas

-lymphological physiotherapy

– parkinson’s disease

– neurological rehabilitation (Bobath)

– multiple sclerosis

– preventive gait safety courses

– manual therapy according to Kaltenborn / Gamt

– cranio Sacral Therapy course

– fascial manipulation techniques



Health Center Kirchenfeld

Thunstrasse 9

3005 Bern


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